Ben Affleck shocked fans with his altered appearance: He Better Stay Away From J.Lo’s Plastic Surgeon!

People on social media are crazy about Ben Affleck’s new look after he recently went on the Tom Brady show as part of Netflix Is a Joke Fest. Different people in the crowd had different reactions to Affleck’s unexpected performance, and a lot of them were uncomfortable. But what got people talking on the internet the most was how drastically the actor’s face had changed, leaving no expression lines on it.

There were a lot of memes and jokes on social media that made fun of Affleck’s new look this morning. There were a lot of rumors on the internet about possible plastic surgery and similarities to other famous people.

In the meantime, there have been rumors that Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are having problems in their marriage. Insiders say that Lopez has been hurt by their breakup because Affleck has to work on movies.

Because of recent events, the couple’s past is also being looked at. This includes their engagement and breakup in 2004 as well as Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Garner afterward. Affleck and Lopez’s relationship, which started up again in 2022, and their following marriage have gotten a lot of attention from the media. Lopez’s documentary, in which Affleck recently and openly talked about their relationship, shows how much they need privacy when the media is looking at them.

People who like and follow Affleck still talk about his changed looks and personal life online.

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