Travis Kelce Has ‘No Plans’ for Proposing to Taylor Swift: ‘Not Even on His Radar’ (Exclusive)

Multiple sources told Us Weekly that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are not going to get engaged any time soon.

One insider tells us confidentially, “Travis has no plans to propose to Taylor any time soon.” “He hasn’t even thought about it.” He takes marriage very seriously and would never get married without giving it a lot of thought.

A source told Us that Kelce, 34, “cares very deeply” about Swift, 34, but “he’s just not there yet” when it comes to proposing.

There are more questions than ever about the future of Swift and Kelce’s relationship, as fan chatter and a separate story fuel rumors of a proposal. There were even more reports when the couple went on a romantic trip to Lake Como recently, in between Swift’s European Eras Tour dates.

Travis Kelce Has No Plans for Proposal to Taylor Swift Despite Report:

In September 2023, Kelce and Swift made their romance public. Since then, they have been there for each other. But they don’t plan to rush through an engagement.

“Travis and Taylor have no plans to get married this summer,” a different source told Us in January. “They haven’t been together for a year yet, but things are going great between them. They still have a lot to learn about each other.”

The insider also said that “a lot of their loved ones” would love to see Kelce propose, and “some may even believe” that it will happen, but not “anytime soon.”

Kelce and Swift are not thinking about what they should do next. Instead, they are living in the moment.

A third source told Us in March that while Swift was on break from her Eras Tour and Kelce was off from the NFL earlier this spring, the couple “focused on rest and recuperation” by having movie nights at her Los Angeles home and other activities.

This month, Swift went back on the Eras Tour stage for the international part, which began in Paris. Kelce was also with them. Fans with sharp eyes saw the Kansas City Chiefs tight end dancing in a box while his partner ran the show. At the show on May 12, Swift’s best friend Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper joined him.

“Taylor’s shows are unbelievable,” Kelce told Us on May 18 at the Kelce Jam festival in Bonner Springs, Kansas. “You should go there if you haven’t already.”

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