16-Year-Old Calls Out Cheating Dad At Large Family Gathering

We live in a world where strange and surprising problems happen from time to time. Sometimes it’s hard to get past these problems, especially when there are family issues involved.

One girl went to Reddit to say that she was worried about how she dealt with her father cheating on her mother. It looks like everyone in the close family knew what was going on, but no one said much about it.

Things quickly went from bad to worse after she called him out in front of the whole family. There were people who didn’t agree with how she handled it, and she wanted to know if she was wrong.

I know the title sounds bad, but stay with me.

There has never been a good time between my dad and me. It seems like he hasn’t been around much. He works really long hours at a bank and takes a lot of business trips. My mom raised me and my siblings and I, and we’re very close these days. We don’t talk much, and when we do, it’s always about how bad my grades are and how I’ll never amount to anything if I keep it up. I try to stay away from him.

I started to notice my Dad’s strange behavior as I got bigger (I’m 16 now). I remember that he got home really late a few months ago, and I could smell perfume on him. Not until he left his phone on the table one day did I really think about it. A text message with a bunch of cringey a** emojis said, “Last night was amazing, can’t wait to see you again.” When I saw that message, I was pretty scared. When I told my mom what I saw, she didn’t seem surprised at all. She got very upset, which made me feel bad. She told me not to worry, that all I needed to do was be a kid, and she would take care of the rest. I didn’t want to hurt her more, so I let it go.

Moving on to what took place. We all had a big dinner at my grandparents’ house last night. My cousin was telling everyone at dinner that he had a new job at a software company. During this time, my dad called me out and told me to be more like my cousin and pay more attention in school. I didn’t pay attention to him and kept eating. My uncle agreed and said it was hard to connect with young people these days. My dad said it was because there was no respect and I never appreciated him. I was sick of his s***, so I said to him, “Hard to respect you when you cheat on your mom in public and don’t even try to hide it.”

Everyone was quiet, and my dad looked really mad. That’s what he asked my mom, and I told her that she had wrecked and spoiled me. After everyone tried to calm them down for a few minutes, they started fighting again. My mom then told my siblings and me that we were leaving and told my dad not to come home. My phone started going crazy when we got home. In the group chat I have with my cousins, they called me a huge d**k for talking about private things in public. A few texts and voicemails from my uncles told me I messed up my parents’ marriage and I should stay out of adult stuff. I told my mom I was sorry for what I did because I felt bad about it. She told me she knew how upset I was. I probably should have told her in private, but what’s done is done. My dad has also called me a few times, but I haven’t answered any of them. He hasn’t come home yet and is possibly staying with one of his mistresses.

I still feel bad about what I did. I only did it to get him off my back because I couldn’t stand how hypocritical he was. OKAY?

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