65-Yr-Old Rachel Ward Is Looking Good With Her New Love Interest

Rachel Ward is an American actress who became well-known after appearing on the TV show “The Thorn Birds” in 1983. Fans have nice things to say about her and her role on the show now that she is in her 60s.

Ward became well-known when she was on that show. She also got something else: the man who would become her husband worked on the set, and they quickly became romantically interested in each other.

Ward was the main character in the show, and Bryan Brown was her on-screen husband. Even though they didn’t fall in love at first sight, they did start dating and got married soon after.

They still love each other very much even though that happened 40 years ago. They got married not long after The Thorn Birds finished. She’s grateful that the show made her life better in so many ways.

After a fight, they got married because Brown thought that if they were going to fight that much, they might as well get married. The wedding took place in Sydney, Australia, where she grew up.

After 40 years, Ward is now posting shots from the premiere of her movie Rachel’s Farm. Even though she was in her mid-60s, her fans were quick to tell her how good she looked.

We can’t wait to see a lot more of this star because she keeps making us laugh.

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