80-Year-Old Bride Stuns in Wedding Dress, Marrying Her 60-Year-Old Fiancé – Her Look Surprises Everyone

“I’m overjoyed to read these comments from strangers. I just can’t believe this is happening at my age,” Merryman said excitedly.

In the next video, Jefferson invites viewers to join the couple as they prepare for the wedding. With witty commentary, she guides users through their daily routine.

Throughout the video, Merryman maintains a playful yet sarcastic tone. When her granddaughter asked a question, Merryman jokingly scowled and replied, “I don’t know.” Jefferson also had fun with her grandmother, calling her a “bridezilla.” The bride had her hair styled and makeup applied, and her rhinestone-studded hair was worn up.

Jefferson wore a deep blue dress with a slit, while her grandmother dazzled in a beautiful bridal gown. “Gorgeous, queen!” Jefferson exclaimed, admiring her grandmother’s dress. “Eighty years old and going strong!”

When asked about her final thoughts as an “unmarried bride,” Merryman responded in her usual witty, slightly sarcastic manner, “I’m not sure about this [redacted].”

The third video was even more charming, featuring Jefferson’s wedding speech. “I just wrote this during cocktail hours,” she said, “so bear with me.”

“I’ll never forget the day my grandmother called to tell me she had kissed a boy. I was nervous for myself but thrilled for her. Janet was my travel buddy then, and now she wants to spend time at home with Dave!”

Jefferson jokingly admitted she couldn’t be mad at Dave for making her grandmother smile and saving her “money on airfare.” “They put a ton of sweat and tears into this wedding,” she teased the newlyweds, “and by ‘they,’ I mean ‘Dave.'”

More seriously, she mentioned how her grandmother had shared her story on Good Morning America, inspiring many young women, including her granddaughter. Jefferson also shared a bit of their history and thanked Merryman for adopting her when she was thirteen.

“I hope I look half as good as her when I’m her age.”

Turning to Dave, Jefferson remarked, “Really?” without missing a beat. She praised him for bringing happiness to their family and joked that she would pray for him since she lived with her grandmother first.

Another wedding video showed the couple sharing a passionate kiss after cutting and feeding each other cake.

The family also appeared on the Tamron Hall Show, discussing Merryman’s love story and some family history. Merryman revealed that she had been married to her late husband for 45 years before he passed away unexpectedly. They met when she was 15, and shortly after his death, she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

“That was the lowest I thought I could ever get,” she shared.

Merryman spoke about her loneliness and reluctance to eat alone or stay in the house. Jefferson added that while it was fun living with her grandmother from age 13 to 17, it was hard to see her alone after she moved out. Traveling together didn’t help much until they met the neighbor.

Dave was Merryman’s next-door neighbor, and they first met in 2012 when he was still married. After his divorce, Merryman started inviting him to Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. “Every time he got ready to go home,” she recalled, “he would give me a little hug … and then, we just grew from there.”

Dave admitted he wasn’t aware of her struggles. “She would go out on her own, she would go shopping,” he said. When asked how she won his heart, he replied that she looked amazing “all the time.”

Dave finally asked her out in 2021, and she accepted—but not without a joke. Merryman remembered saying, “There better not be a plastic ring.”

We wish the newlyweds all the best!

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