Brooke Shields was body-shamed but her husband had a fitting response

Brooke Shields, an iconic actress and supermodel, has captivated audiences with her talent and beauty for decades. However, behind the glamour, she faced harsh criticism and body shaming, even from her own mother. In a courageous move, Shields is now sharing her story of self-discovery and empowerment.

As a child model and actress, Shields was constantly scrutinized for her appearance. Her mother, Teri, who was also her manager, would often make hurtful comments about her weight and body shape. Shields recalls, “My mother would get drunk and say, ‘Why don’t you move your fat ass?’ So, I’ve always believed I had a fat ass.” This negative reinforcement led to years of self-doubt and insecurity.

After her mother’s passing in 2012, Shields began to rebuild her self-esteem with the help of her husband, Chris Henchy. He celebrated her womanliness and body, showing her that she was beautiful just the way she was. Shields credits him with helping her overcome her insecurities and embrace her true beauty.

Despite her success, Shields faced criticism from the industry and society at large. She was told she wasn’t thin enough or didn’t have a “runway body.” Even her iconic Calvin Klein ad was met with criticism, with some saying she wasn’t suitable for swimwear modeling. Shields shares, “I was always described as ‘athletic,’ ‘not rail-thin,’ ‘not a runway model.’ Those messages seep into your consciousness.”

Recently, Shields opened up about a traumatic experience – a sexual assault by a Hollywood executive over 30 years ago. She had blamed herself for the attack, but with time, she’s come to realize that she was not at fault. Shields hopes that sharing her story will help others feel less alone and empower them to speak their truth.

Through her journey, Shields has learned to love herself and her body. She’s proof that even the most beautiful and successful people can face insecurities and trauma. Her courage in sharing her story is an inspiration to us all.

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